Date posted: 2 September 2019


From concept to execution, VO brings innovative ideas to life and focuses brands to understanding their customer journey. VO Group is a full-service creative communications agency servicing clients in Australia and internationally. Our focus is on delivering extraordinary value and ideas through our management of the strategic, creative and marketing processes that drive the growth of a business or brand.

The team at VO believe strongly that if a business wants to grow, they need to invest in bold strategies delivered on fully integrated communications concepts.

This year alone the team have worked closely with a client in the education industry. From digital marketing and customer journey mapping, to social media strategy, content creation, website design and photography, our main goal has been to build brand awareness and visibility, increase product sales and ultimately position the client at the forefront of the early learning industry.

Marketing a brand in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any business. The volatile condition of the market, and a highly informed customer, makes it a specialised task to position brands for both maximum visibility and drawing customers in. VO Group have used experience, intuition, experimentation and creativity every step of the way to drive their client to reach sales highs and ensure they are seen as leaders in the educational resource space.

Recently named a major partner for Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics Grand Ball Night, the VO team where so excited and proud to support and celebrate the ground-breaking research that the Institute does.

They were also invited to attend a Shopify Plus conference in Sydney this year. As Shopify Partners, this was a great opportunity for the team to connect with others in the space and gain greater insight and skills into how we can offer quality service for clients looking for high performing websites.

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