Date Posted: 5 September 2018

VO Group is a full-service creative and communications agency based on the Gold Coast with offices in Melbourne and Auckland, NZ. The team work with clients Australia wide to bring brand visions to life. VO Group has been around since 2010. Currently, the team at VO are busy working with Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) on their next major fitness challenge. 💪🏽Developing the challenge brand and handling the creative design, video production and marketing... Full news article

Date Posted: 1 September 2018

Charles Babbage was considered to be the father of computing after his invention and concept of the Analytical Engine in 1837. The Analytical Engine contained an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), basic flow control, and integrated memory; hailed as the first general-purpose computer concept. Unfortunately, because of funding issues, this computer was never built while Charles Babbage was alive. However, in 1910 Henry Babbage, Charles Babbage's youngest son was able to complete a portion of the machine that could perform basic calculations.... Full news article

Date Posted: 31 August 2018

Marketers continue to reinvest strongly in digital advertising   Sydney, 30 August, 2018 – Australian marketers support for digital advertising has continued to strengthen, with the latest data from PwC showing that overall digital advertising revenues have increased 11% year on year, while video has increased 45% year on year. The research has been supported by key marketers including Westpac, who have affirmed their support for digital advertising describing video advertising as both accountable... Full news article

Date Posted: 24 August 2018

When migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, Google says to use 301 redirects Don't get fancy with your HTTPS site migration. Keep it simple and consistent, and use 301 redirects, says Google. On a webmaster video hangout yesterday, Google trends analyst John Mueller strongly recommended that people migrating from HTTP to HTTPS do so with 301 redirects on a per-URL basis. He said you should not use other types of redirects, such as... Full news article

Date Posted: 22 August 2018

How to Get the Most out of Your Content Tech Stack   Editor’s note: To introduce the concepts and potential speakers for our new ContentTECH Summit, we’re sharing some tech-focused talks from the most recent Intelligent Content Conference. This one is from Cathy McKnight, vice president at Digital Clarity Group, where she leads the enterprise consulting practice. Watch the video of her complete session or read the lightly edited transcript below. All the hype and hyperbole... Full news article

Date Posted: 20 August 2018

Here’s why your UX and your Customer Knowledge are symbiotic. by Leticia Mooney TL;DR: If you want to attract a customer, you have to think like a customer, and build a united, customer-centric organisation. Growing a business is a multi-faceted, multi-pronged strategy. At the core of long-term sustainable growth, however, is a deep understanding of the customer’s user experience (UX), from their research to their retention of key information. When a corporate strategy has built-in knowledge of the business’s customer on an empathetic level,... Full news article

Date Posted: 18 August 2018

Unprecedented Federal Court decision could have “dynamite” consequences for businesses employing casual workers   An unprecedented decision by the full bench of Australia’s Federal Court could have huge ramifications for a huge number of Australian small businesses who employ casual workers. In a decision handed down yesterday, the full power of the Federal Court ruled in favour of a casual truck driver who was employed at a Rio Tinto mine by labour-hire company Workpac. The... Full news article

Date Posted: 15 August 2018

THE POWER OF DESIGN THINKING IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS The word “Design” seems to permeate every facet of owning a business these days. We hear high end brands like Apple espouse the benefits of employing design thinking at seemingly every keynote, but what is it and more importantly, is it something you need to be employing for your business? The answer is most likely, yes. Design thinking is taking the creative process taught and employed... Full news article

Date Posted: 3 August 2018

5 (Most Obvious) Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Ranking Your website looks great but it’s of no use if your potential customers can’t find it. We don’t need to emphasise on the fact how important is it to rank on Google. After all, rankings drive revenue. People look for everything online. So much so that, even if they are buying something offline – they tend to compare the prices online. So, let’s face... Full news article

Date Posted: 1 August 2018

Quality Raters: How Low Quality Content Can Impact Your Google Page Rank   Google has updated its Google quality raters guidelines this week for the purpose of better assessing low quality and lowest quality pages, determining the Google page rank. The performance of Google’s algorithms is analysed by Google’s quality raters, following specific instructions and guidelines. A page in which the content does not meet the goal, what is trying to be achieved, is... Full news article