Date Posted: 1 August 2019

In this short five-minute survey, we would like to discover how organisations view digital accessibility. No identifying information in this survey will be made public. You will have an opportunity at the end of the survey to provide contact details if you do want additional information about the survey results or about digital accessibility. Complete Survey... Full news article

Date Posted: 1 August 2019

Digital Accessibility can be described as the user experience with digital products such as websites, applications etc. for people with disabilities. In this short five-minute survey, we would like to identify the most prevalent issues people are finding with digital products, such as websites, and how they are making their concerns known to the product owner. No identifying information will be made public, however there is an optional field at the... Full news article

Date Posted: 8 July 2019

Gallagher News and Insights - Arthur J. Gallagher   Australia’s Federal Parliament, Toyota Australia, Melbourne’s Catholic Archdiocese and cardiology unit Melbourne Heart Group have all been in the news as recent victims of cyber attacks. Who’s next? It might well be you or your business. According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report these industries top the list of targets globally- accommodation education finance healthcare information manufacturing professional services public retail But that... Full news article

Date Posted: 1 July 2019

Member Spotlight Hello! I’m Melinda Mifsud, I’m brand new to running my own business “Plinkit” which has been up and running for a few months. My background is in operations and logistics software. I’ve spent most of my pre child years training and teaching ERP programs like SAP to employees of multinational organisations. As the cliche goes, after having children I decided not to return to the corporate world. While on leave I continued to... Full news article

Date Posted: 27 June 2019

By Performance Coach Lisa Hough at AWIA Member and 2019 Australian Web Awards Winners Luminary   People often ask, “What’s it like working as a coach at Luminary?” “Pretty awesome,” I respond. I get to listen for the greatness in people, and I really appreciate the opportunity to be a catalyst for change. There’s nothing quite like empowering people to shine. With a simple brief to support the ongoing development of team members... Full news article

Date Posted: 24 June 2019

AWIA members, Impulse Impressions have written a post about pages every website must have and homepage is one. Your homepage is basically an amped up digital storefront. When users look up your website on search engines or directly enter your website’s URL, the homepage is the first thing they see. As your homepage will welcome potential customers it must have all the key features that will help bring in interest... Full news article

Date Posted: 24 June 2019

Comprehensive List of Free & Paid Australian Local Citations for 2019 by AWIA Members Red Search Local citations have become an important part of SEO in the past year. With Google constantly expanding its range of quality ranking signals, creating strong, high-quality local citations has never become more important. Local citations work as strong signals to convey to search engines that your business is, in fact, legitimate and more importantly, real. This becomes of... Full news article

Date Posted: 24 June 2019

Article by Daniel Woodhouse of AWIA Members Butterfly “We want to focus on the core of our business, improve our efficiency and cut costs.” This is the mantra of digital agencies who offshore their development. On the face of it, that sounds pretty good — avoid the ‘high’ costs of production at home and have key staff concentrate on business development. However, many who jump into offshoring services find it’s a false economy... Full news article

Date Posted: 24 June 2019

Branding Graphic Design A Note from Caffeinate’s Lead Designer: Consistent Design Always Wins   Written by Glenn Symmons at AWIA Members Caffeinate Digital There’s an old saying “good design is obvious”. Referring to anything with a design element, such as cuisine, painting, architecture, music, Feng shui and everything in between. However, one of the biggest factors in design today is awareness. Particularly for brands, often awareness comes from overall consistency and a defined brand style; which... Full news article

Date Posted: 18 June 2019

By Tim McQueen of AWIA Members Polished Pixels Creating policies and procedure documents doesn't have to take days   This article delves into the process of creating policies and procedures. Since it's such an important step in the overall goal of having accessible websites, we've actually built a policy generator that will save from starting from scratch. Why accessibility is important to your business   People can have physical or mental conditions that are in effect a barrier to... Full news article