Date Posted: 15 August 2018

THE POWER OF DESIGN THINKING IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS The word “Design” seems to permeate every facet of owning a business these days. We hear high end brands like Apple espouse the benefits of employing design thinking at seemingly every keynote, but what is it and more importantly, is it something you need to be employing for your business? The answer is most likely, yes. Design thinking is taking the creative process taught and employed... Full news article

Date Posted: 3 August 2018

5 (Most Obvious) Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Ranking Your website looks great but it’s of no use if your potential customers can’t find it. We don’t need to emphasise on the fact how important is it to rank on Google. After all, rankings drive revenue. People look for everything online. So much so that, even if they are buying something offline – they tend to compare the prices online. So, let’s face... Full news article

Date Posted: 1 August 2018

Quality Raters: How Low Quality Content Can Impact Your Google Page Rank   Google has updated its Google quality raters guidelines this week for the purpose of better assessing low quality and lowest quality pages, determining the Google page rank. The performance of Google’s algorithms is analysed by Google’s quality raters, following specific instructions and guidelines. A page in which the content does not meet the goal, what is trying to be achieved, is... Full news article

Date Posted: 27 July 2018

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads   To celebrate the renaming of Google Adwords to Google Ads (launching July 24th 2018) we thought now would be a good time to consider the 7 reasons why your business should use Google Ads. Google launched their online advertising platform almost 18 years ago. The platform is a pay-per-click (PPC) model that allows advertisers to pay for product offerings, service listings, video apps amongst more. When... Full news article

Date Posted: 4 July 2018

How to Advance Your Business for Google Voice Google, Siri and Alexa are all well known for their advanced voice search potentials,  as time goes on algorithms behind each get progressively better at finding the answers we are all looking for and displaying them, or even reading the results back to you! Is voice search important for your business? Here are some key points to help you answer that question. 40% of adults now use voice search at... Full news article

Date Posted: 2 July 2018

Cybera Digital, is a strategic and creative agency based in South East Melbourne delivering projects covering web design and development, online marketing and brand strategy. They have been operating since May 2016 and have grown considerably year on year. The team has assembled a group of experienced and highly creative individuals who offer big agency experience but adopt a boutique agency approach. This helps them to establish strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients... Full news article

Date Posted: 27 June 2018

New Committee Member Recently at AWIA we welcomed Kim Skilton, founder and director of What Matters Marketing to the committee.  We are pleased to announce Kim as the newest member and look forward to having her involvement across AWIA's ongoing pursuit of creating  an association that can influence, create change, drive profitability, innovation and growth for all our members! For more information on Kim, head over to our committee page.  If you are interested in becoming... Full news article

Date Posted: 27 June 2018

Why Social Media Management Is So Important   Whether you're a startup, small business, B2B or not for profit; social media is a vital part of your business. When social media presence is delivered accurately, social media has the power to improve brand awareness and loyalty. SEO requirements are continuously varying and social media presence is becoming a vital factor in calculating these rankings. Social Media is also a vital step to increase traffic... Full news article

Date Posted: 27 June 2018

Is it Time to Redesign Your Website? by AWIA members Technology Matters You may have developed an amazing website — a year or two ago (or was it 10!). Unfortunately, in this quickly evolving digital world, an efficient and maintained website is crucial for success. Here are 5 things you should consider that will help determine whether your website is getting too dusty and might be due for a scrub up. 1. The usability of... Full news article