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About Brutal Pixie

Brutal Pixie provides ghostwriting and publishing consulting to the professional services.

When it comes to content in professional services, I have received a huge number of different calls for help.

For example:

  • Can you help us fix our intranet? We can’t find anything.
  • Can you help us publish blogs?
  • Do you write websites?
  • Do you … audit content systems?
  • We love to write but it’s not quite good enough… can you help?
  • Can you help us become thought leaders?
  • Can you support us with editing?
  • We have a project and it needs a leader, can you help?

The answer is yes. 

You’ve become the benchmark by which I evaluate my other suppliers… who often fail. ~ Gina Brooks, Director at Training x Design

Brutal Pixie donates 1% of total revenue (yes, pre-tax) to local organisations that do good in the world but that are 100% donation-funded… among other criteria. I call this do-gooding Plan B.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a Waiting List!

While you wait, opt into my daily tips and tricks emails ( to get a taste of my attitudes. Who knows, you might hate them! That’s a bad sign, truly.

Then, when you’re ready, go to and join the waiting list.

Team size 1-2
Locations Adelaide | SA
St Marys | SA
Contacts Leticia Mooney
[email protected]
0434 094 250

Services & Specialisation

Services offered by the member contact them for more information.


Writing as you, rather than for you, for all business publishing requirements, including:

* blogs

* features

* books and ebooks

* manuals

* press releases

* emails

Case Studies

Third-party case studies are detailed, in-depth, and interview-based. They are extremely powerful for marketing and business development, because they talk about your service in your clients' words... not your own.

You get:

* all administrivia handled on your behalf

* all interview transcripts, which are insanely valuable for research and business development

* approval of content by interviewees before you even see the material

... and much more.

Contact us for more information, and to access our sample case studies portfolio.


Writing for you. Includes:

* websites

* biographies of you and your teams

* ecommerce content

* generic emails 

Publishing Advisory

A partnership service that helps you to design effective and financial content publishing capabilities. The types of things covered include:

* business system audits and building systems that work (and can be audited) - such as business excellence frameworks and ISO 9001, specific to content work

* creating sequences and systems to turn your marketing content into publishable and saleable assets

* writing and publishing books

* recruiting the right people

* coaching and mentoring for you and your teams


* training, including:

* Simplification into Plain English

* Measuring Content ROI in ways your accountant will understand

* Technical Writing 1 & 2 (Google courses, facilitated by the Pixie)

* ... and more. Please enquire.


The Brutal Pixie is a Lloyd's certified Lead Auditor, and can help you with audits including:

* content and information management

* privacy handling

* quality assurance

* business excellence frameworks

* ... and other regulations, legislation and international standards.

We can also help you to create systems that meet standards and regulations.

Editorial Support

Keep your business publishing and content bang-on for voice and style.

Editorial support allows your team to write, without compromising the right voice and tone, accuracy, and audience fit.

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