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About Zero Point Development

Hi, I'm Wil, and I'm a Dad / WordPress Consultant / Developer / Business Coach / Conference Speaker and Organiser, living in Sydney, Australia.

I've been active in the WordPress community since 2008.

I co-run the WordPress Sydney meetup group, co-organise WordCamp Sydney and sit on the board of WP Australia a subcommittee of Linux Australia.

My mission is to help businesses generate wealth by super-charging how they use WordPress in all aspects across the organisational structure.

Some of my methods include:

Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Site Audits, Third-Party API Integration, Discovery Sessions and Business Mentoring.

Team size 1-2
Locations Sydney 2000 | NSW
Contacts Wil Brown
[email protected]
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Services & Specialisation

Services offered by the member contact them for more information.

WordPress Consultancy For Beginners

I've been working with WordPress since 2008 and have expert-level knowledge of how it works and integrates into new or existing businesses.

I can help define and align your WordPress solution with your business strategies, deliver the right skills and expertise, save you time and money, make complex projects simple and protect your valuable business data.

One-on-One Help For WordPress Beginners

Yes, WordPress powers over 33% of the interwebs.  It is an amazing tool that allows you to quickly add content online - if you already know how to use it!

If you are a beginner-level WordPress user it can be daunting and frustrating learning how to edit menus, curate content, deal with plugins misbehaving, themes and styling.

I can help you reign in the WordPress beast, tame that juggernaut before it gets out of control.

Book some one-on-one time with me and power through the barriers you need to overcome quickly while learning how WordPress works at the same time.

There's only so much you can learn from tutorials and YouTube videos and you certainly can't ask them to explain how it applies to your own situation.

I work with individuals and freelancers all the time to help them get unstuck on their WordPress journey.

Common WordPress Beginner Issues

* Finding the right hosting solution for your site
* How to properly secure WordPress from hacking attempts
* How to make my site go faster
* Remove or hide an element
* Problems with widgets and formatting
* Whether to use caching plugins
* Moving a site to another server
* How to make changes/redesign on a local machine
* Problems with page builders
* Search engine optimisation
* Implementing child themes
* Setting up backups


WordPress Consultancy For Businesses

I've been working with WordPress since 2008 and have expert-level knowledge of how it works and integrates into new or existing businesses.

I can help define and align your WordPress solution with your business strategies, deliver the right skills and expertise, save you time and money, make complex projects simple and protect your valuable business data.

Consultation For Businesses

You have likely been running WordPress in your business for some time now, and you have mastered how to add and edit content.

But your WordPress installation has now become a monster and is taking longer and longer to manage all those plugins, some of which you only need to use a handful of times, but you daren't remove.

Perhaps it's time for an overhaul, a complete rebuild to make it leaner and meaner for your business?

Or you want WordPress to work smarter for you, integrating into your other company systems and automating as much as possible to give you back time to focus on running your business efficiently and, of course, making more money!

I've worked with businesses big and small to integrate a lean, efficient

WordPress system into their business.  I can help you too!

Common Problems Businesses Face With WordPress

* Website is very slow and doesn't know where to start to find the issue
* WordPress doesn't scale as the business grows
* Site keeps getting hacked repeatedly
* Seasonal spikes crash the webserver
* Duplication of data in multiple systems causing compliance issues
* How to properly define roles and access to content
* How to syndicate data properly across multiple devices
* How to effectively manage multiple WordPress sites
* Which is the best Single Sign-On service to use
* Not getting quality leads / Sales funnels performing poorly
* Landing pages are not converting as expected
* No backup, testing, retention and restoration procedures


Website Audit

Having a well fast, designed and working website will increase your Google rankings and attract more visitors.

Is your website performing at its best?

Check Your Website Health Today

Are you not getting the Google traffic that your website designer or developer promised you?

Do you feel that your WordPress website could be doing a lot better?

Does that sound like your website?


Get Your Site Checked By A Human WordPress Expert

Let me audit your WordPress website checking for common mistakes missed by developers and designers.

Now includes checks for Google Core Web Vitals 

Check Your Website Health Today


A selection of works by another talented AWIA member.

Kialla Pure Foods

Kialla Pure Foods needed a website rebuild to match their new branding, update their technologies and refine website administration workflows.

The website needed to run WooCommerce and implement a page builder for easy user future updates.

Importing and exporting products and custom product tracking batch numbers with Google Mapping API integration was a top requirement.

The unique part of this project was allowing customers to track their products all the way back to the farm, a Kialla Pure Foods trademarked system called Plate2Farm ™.

Visit the site at

Designs were created by Black Canvas.

News Items

Latest news from this AWIA member.

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In this lunchtime WPQuickies, I'll be listing the required PHP extensions that WordPress needs to run properly.

Everything You Need To Know About SSL Certificates

WordPress beginners struggle with the concepts of SSL Certificates. Here's everything you need to know about SSL certificates and HTTPS.

Using The WordPress Debug Log – WPQuickies

In this lunchtime WPQuickies, I'll be showing current or budding developers how to start using the WordPress debug log in your PHP themes and plugins.

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