Date posted: 2 July 2018


Cybera Digital, is a strategic and creative agency based in South East Melbourne delivering projects covering web design and development, online marketing and brand strategy. They have been operating since May 2016 and have grown considerably year on year. The team has assembled a group of experienced and highly creative individuals who offer big agency experience but adopt a boutique agency approach. This helps them to establish strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients in order to produce high quality solutions for their business.

At the moment they are busy working on a diverse range of projects from establishing an online presence for a local fashion retailer to creating a brand strategy and working on a website re-design for a large manufacturer. The Cybera team love the diversity each project brings to them as it challenges the team to create something unique, every time. The Projects & Marketing Manager, Michael Machado is most proud of the re-designing of a website for a London based cigar merchant. Sounds strange but he was dealing with a brand that had been in operation since the late 1700s. Michael worked on project managing a new website for the brand. It was hugely challenging as they were making the shift from being reliant on revenue coming from a physical store to translating sales and serving customers online.

Cybera had to be very careful not to alienate their existing and very loyal customer base and produce something that new customers would engage with. Cybera felt they achieved this and their clients online business has grown considerably since the site was launched. Cybera is excited to be working on a series of workshops aimed at start-ups and small businesses this year. Each workshop will be split into covering all aspects of starting your own brand; from creating your business plan and strategies to choosing the right social media platforms for your business.

When we asked Michael what he would take if he was stuck on an island.  His response was “I would take a copy of my favourite book – The Tesseract by Alex Garland. I must have read it about 12 times but every now and then I dig it out and read it again. It’s just a book that has always resonated with me and even though I know how it ends, I still buy into it every time. I’d take a solar powered music player…. finally a knife, more for protection than hunting.”