Date posted: 5 June 2018

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Australian Web Industry Association is excited to announce a new partnership with STEM careers.

  Finding a job shouldn’t be a full time job. That was the driving force behind the creation of Australian job site, STEM careers. STEM careers is Australia’s No. 1 resource for Australian professionals in the Science, Tech, Engineering and ICT industries. Being the only Australian site showcasing targeted opportunities within the STEM disciplines, STEM careers exists to provide specialised professionals with a job site full of relevant, engaging and highly targeted career opportunities that are reflective of their talent; without the need to sift through thousands of positions that usually occurs on the more general, large scale job sites.

The benefits of niche job sites have long been known amongst our western counterparts; the UK and the US. Providing job seekers with a platform dedicated to their specific field of expertise, the war to be noticed amongst the thousands of applications on a general job site is now a thing of the past. Niche job sites are also extremely beneficial to hiring organisations; with users reporting a lower cost-per-hire and higher quality, relevant talent pool for screening. 

After successful adoption within the Australian STEM field (with Apple and Canva as regular advertisers on the site), STEM careers is a truly beneficial hub for all STEM-related jobs. Recruiters now know exactly where to go to find the best talent Australia has to offer, and job seekers know where the best positions are found. Be sure to check out the recent opportunities if you are planning your next career move.

Explore current opportunities here: